Cénit and nature

Our orchard:

Since 2016 we have developed one of the most important and enriching projects of our school “THE SCHOOL ORCHARD”, the main objective is that our students experience and live nature from a close point, as is the school. During the school year we work on everything related to the competence of knowledge and interaction with the world around us. This program brings us many fruits and cultivates in our students a taste for observation, experimentation and respect for nature.

It is located on the school terrace, which was not used previously, and it is here and in the courtyard where our activity takes place. We have a great variety of plants: roses, mint, cactus…but the ones that our pupils really plant are: tomatoes, onions, radishes, lettuce, parsley…. the star is our olive tree located in the school playground.

We use some of our twinning partnerships to develop it. In the first one what we do is plant a variety of seeds in recycled yoghurt cups decorated by the pupils, which are kept in the classroom for 2 months taking care of them and watching them grow.

*At the end of the school year we always go to the countryside to be in contact with nature and make a reminder of everything we have learnt during the course, of the different resources we need to know to take care of nature.