Primary Education


Primary education is the first step in compulsory education and is the foundation for much of our children’s future learning.

Our core values, which permeate the daily activity of the stage, are as follows:

  • Inclusiveness. Our primary ethical reference point is the value of human dignity, accepting all people and helping them to develop their capabilities to the maximum.
  • Equity. Being aware of the uniqueness of each person, we dedicate all our efforts to ensure equal opportunities and the necessary specific support.
  • Respect for the student body. We form a big family, which recognises children as free and unique individuals in the process of growing up.
  • Participation. We are a plural centre, which welcomes everyone and encourages collaboration between families, pupils and teaching staff, involving ourselves with the environment and society as a whole.
  • Interculturality. Our school is a place of encounter and exchange, a place to learn to know, respect and live with different people.
  • Professional teaching competence. We are committed to innovative teaching and methodologies to ensure the development of basic skills for all students.

We focus our efforts and dedication to help our students become:

  • Citizens of the world
  • Critical, determined and enterprising people.
  • People trained to live in the 21st century.


Our children will live in a future that calls for changes in the present school. The new changes in educational regulations are endorsing what we implemented more than five years ago.

Today’s society needs more cooperation and less competition, so we are committed to cooperative learning. Our classrooms are small learning communities, in which positive relationships are established between students. Thanks to this methodology, we have managed to increase student performance.

In a globalised world, languages are especially important. We have daily English sessions, with the support of native speaking assistants. However, we believe in the need to continue to use our mother tongue as the main vehicle to guarantee a true assimilation of learning in all areas.

Finally, we include in our curricular design two subjects belonging to our OWN PROJECT: Communication and Social Skills and Technology and Digital Resources. Both complete the teaching and learning process of our students by providing them with creative, social and emotional communication skills, as well as effective tools to cope in technological environments.