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Reasons to choose Cénit School:

1. Family education centre:

Being part of Cénit means belonging to our family.

  • Our children offer a warm welcome to all the new students who join our school. You will be part of our family from day one.
  • We organise meeting and coexistence activities throughout the school year so that all members of our educational community can get to know each other and take part in school life.

2. Active methodology:

Porque vivimos en el siglo XXI, apostamos por el uso de metodologías activas.

  • The student is the axis of learning. Only what is lived, built and filled with meaning can be properly learnt.
  • Cooperative learning, we are a team!

3. Languages:

El mundo es global, le damos importancia a los idiomas.

  • We offer daily English lessons from Preschool to 6th year (Primary).
  • We also have outstanding native speaking assistants.

4. Sports:

Life is more enjoyable when we keep active. Sport is a big part of our daily routine.

  • Swimming is one of our school activities. Once a week, physical education takes place at the swimming pool.
  • For the little ones, we have weekly psychomotricity sessions.
  • In addition, we are visited by specialists in different sporting fields and outings throughout the course, to practice and get to know all kinds of sporting disciplines.

5. ICTs

We are committed to flexible environments, with information and communication technologies as our greatest allies.

  • Touch screens in all classrooms
  • Computers in our Primary classrooms.
  • Touch tablets
  • Personalised project which includes a weekly ICT session.
  • Educational platform for family-school communication
  • Digital books at Primary school level.

6. Nature

Our environment does matter. Respecting and caring for it is a key matter at Cénit School.

  • School garden.
  • Common projects with the Campo Adentro association.
  • Recycling Programme.
  • Complementary outdoor activities to stay in touch with nature.

7. Emotional education:

Emotional Education: in our school, nobody is number one.

  • We are part of the network of centres in the Botín Foundation’s Responsible Education programme. Throughout the school year, we carry out activities that promote the development of social, emotional and creative skills through different educational resources that help our students reflect, imagine and grow.

8. Services

We are committed to family conciliation:

  • Morning and afternoon timetable throughout the school year, including September and June.
  • Morning Classroom: 8.00- 9.00 a.m. Breakfast with friends at school!
  • School canteen service.
  • Counselling.
  • Private school insurance.

9. Extracurricular activities

We want to go a little further: extracurricular activities.

  • Study support workshop (Primary).
  • English workshop (Preschool and Primary)
  • Chiquitirritmo (music and movement for our youngest ones, including Preschool, 1st and 2nd year – Primary)
  • Art & Drawing