Cénit School Reading Plan

Reading Plan

“Reading, and doing so properly. Reading is a key part of the learning process for children from the earliest years of school”.

Our school has a reading promotion plan to develop reading comprehension and improve oral expression (Reading Plan). Its main objective is to motivate our pupils to find reading as a means of entertainment and learning and to improve their reading comprehension through an active and participative methodology using all the resources available to the school.

This year all the teaching staff have reviewed and updated the Reading Plan to adapt it to the current needs of our pupils and to make it the backbone of all the school’s activities. The goals we have set ourselves in drawing up this plan are for our pupils to:

  • Acquire a reading habit and a taste for reading both in the classroom and at home.
  • Achieve reading speed and oral expression appropriate to their age.
  • Improve their reading comprehension.
  • Use reading as a source of information and entertainment.

To this end, a whole range of activities have been designed, among which the following stand out:

  • Fundación Botín: reading books and resources.
  • The use of common titles that are read and worked on in groups.
  • Promoting the School Library as a space for learning and entertainment, as well attending the Municipal Library and classrooms.
  • Reading as a playful, fun and enriching act should be our primary objective so that our pupils want to read and not just focus on knowing how to read. The main problem we encounter is the lack of positive stimuli that reinforce the taste for reading. That is why it is essential that the whole educational community understands that it plays an important role, as do the families.La participación en todo tipo de actividades de animación y fomento de la lectura, tanto dentro como fuera del centro.

“If we want children to get into the habit of reading, they should see the people they are close to: parents, teachers, friends,… always with a book under their arm”.