The first years of life are a real treasure. It is in the Preschool stage that the first great cognitive, physical and emotional challenge of life takes place. This is the time in which the foundation on which all subsequent learning takes place is built.

The value of education at an early age is more than evident.  Díez Navarro (2007) highlights in his book ” Mi escuela sabe a naranja”, something really interesting that we rarely stop to analyse: “it is paradoxical to think that in order to be an autonomous and unique individual, we must first be part of a group”. And the fact is that before being a particular individual, we must have been sustained by the desire of others. All children have been named a multitude of times even before they were born, they have been imagined and hoped for as they grew up. Later, those children, day after day, have been loved and encouraged thousands of times… and so on until they acquire that awareness that makes each person know that they are unique. A more than convincing explanation to understand the need to take care of these first years in which the child becomes part of a group.


Cénit School is an ideal place to begin to discover the world and to enjoy new experiences. Young children have a particular intuition, creativity and innate curiosity that we want to take advantage of by offering our pupils a learning environment adapted to their needs and interests.

The school’s methodology and cooperative learning is based on these early years when children begin to learn to help each other and to work together to achieve common goals, but also to achieve maximum personal growth.

On the other hand, PROJECTS carried out in Preschool allow us to listen to the children, discover their motivations, investigate, inquire and build together a learning process that is truly meaningful.

Thus, the first approaches to learning English, reading and writing, mathematics (through the ABN method), physical activity, music, art and science begin.