Second language: English

+ English from the age of 3. Daily lessons.
+ Extension of the English timetable with daily lessons in Primary Education.
+ Native speaking assistants

One of the main purposes of the Cénit School is to educate children with an international mentality, able to communicate wherever it is they go.

Our vehicular language, Spanish, is one of the most widely spoken languages on the planet, and its future outlook is that in not many years it will overtake the languages considered to be the most universal.

We believe in the importance of learning other languages, especially English, which is necessary to be able to interact with more than half of the planet. However, the exhaustive dedication to the study of a second language requires time that children need not only to deepen their own language, but also to grow and explore other equally important aspects such as history or science.

Cénit School has found the way to achieve both objectives: to offer our pupils the knowledge of the English language that our time requires and at the same time to deepen their knowledge in other areas through their mother tongue.  To achieve this, we have daily English lessons at all levels and native English conversation assistants. 

From Preschool and throughout Primary Education we are committed to a complete education in which languages play an important role, promoting learning of the English language and culture.