Parents’ Asocciation

AMPA: Who are they and what is their role?

AMPA (Parents Association) is an important and active element of the school:

  • It works for the benefit of all the families that contribute to and enrich the school community. 
  • It takes part in various cultural, social and sporting initiatives held by the School.
  • It organises various educational, cultural and recreational activities for parents along with the School.
  • It facilitates and improves the relationship of parents with each other and with other members of the school community.
  • Through its directors, it is in permanent communication with the School Board to deal with everything concerning our children’s education.


We encourage all of you to participate, share your ideas and opinions so that together we can ensure that all our students can enjoy it and have an incredible memory of all the activities we do for the rest of their lives.
Our facilities at your disposal to prepare and coordinate activities, forums, meetings with other families, etc.

We also have a suggestion box at the entrance so that you can share your ideas and participate actively in your children’s second “home”.
Thank you all very much.

The AMPA fees are voluntary and non-profit.

To contact the AMPA, please send an email to the following address: