Personal projects

Cenit School shares the idea that a regulated autonomy in the school allows us to attend to our pupils in a more appropriate way, leading to an increase in the quality of our teaching and, therefore, in the pupils’ academic results.

We opted for the development of our own design area in order to be able to implement a series of contents and skills that, from a transversal point of view, are not very well established. Above all, taking into account the reality of the socio-cultural environment in our school.

The curricular design we propose is oriented towards the consolidation of our Educational Project, which sets among its objectives the development of a critical and enterprising spirit. Developing creative skills, effective emotional and social communication, as well as problem-solving skills.

The design of this area, which we call Communicative and Social Skills, is available here.

These same reasons have led us to include in our school curriculum the free configuration area of Technology and Digital Resources.

It is our aim to achieve a global education, to generate in our students an interest in the academic world and the skills and resources that will lead them to grow as individuals and to prosper in society.