School dining room


The school dining room service operates in this school with catering food, provided by the catering company ALCESA. The school is responsible for its financial management.

The rules of coexistence for the school dining room will be the same as those reflected in the school’s Coexistence Plan.
During lunchtime, different activities will be carried out with the following objectives:

  1. To cover the midday leisure time with mainly recreational activities, promoting team games, reading and traditional games. During the rainiest winter days, as an alternative to the cold and bad weather, films will be shown for all audiences, brought by the children themselves.
  2. That the children learn to eat everything and that they do so in a way that is correct and respectful of the food, the staff and their classmates, fostering a good atmosphere of coexistence.
  3. Controlling the noise level in conversations.
  4. Not allowing playtime to be excessively long for them.
  5. To serve as a break from the morning’s teaching activity.

 This service is voluntary and non-profit.