Recycling programme

EducaEnEco school network, Ecoembes

We carried out our recycling process in collaboration with Ecoembes, who provided us with litter bins for all the classrooms, playgrounds and dining room to start our recycling process. The association sent us staff to give talks to the pupils in order to raise awareness of the importance of recycling, as well as the perseverance and concern of both the teaching and non-teaching staff for the smooth running of the project. We gave a more striking and friendly touch to the pupils by naming the bins differently: “plastiquina” is the yellow plastic bin, “papelón” is the blue paper bin and “guarrón” is the black waste bin, so that it was easier to remember what went where, especially in preschool.

We do not only focus on this type of recycling as we constantly remind them how important it is to save water and tell them about the different ways to do it.

This year we have set up bins to collect batteries, caps and plates and the pupils have been very participative and cooperative with the initiative.